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Thompson Insurance Consulting

Underwriting Success Stories

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Warren Thompson, Jr.

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The following accounts of summaries of some of my notable successes as a Senior Underwriter in my career. There are many examples I could have chosen from, these are three (3) random notable examples.

1) I worked, as new business and multiple renewals, on a $2,300,000 account named "The Air Conditioning Company", which as the name implies, was a large heating and air conditioning contractor. I successful wrote, as new business, and renewed the account for a number of years. I found that my ability to communicate effectively with the client, and our good relationship, were the two of the most important factors to help to make this a successful relationship for all concerned parties. It was a successful and profitable account for Wausau and the broker.

2) While serving as a senior underwriter with Wausau Insurance, I was successful at training a number of junior underwriters, underwriting assistants and new underwriters in technical issues, covering rating plans and insurance coverage. My success in this task is measured in the growing number of students assigned to me, starting from one and topping at 25, after the word got around regarding my effectiveness in training to everyone's great satisfaction.

3) While at Wausau Insurance I was the underwriter who worked the Workers’ Compensation coverage on a large construction wrap-up for the Citicorp plaza in the downtown Los Angeles area. This was a complex account involving a large general contractor, and multiply sub-contractors underwritten under one large project policy account.

4) While at Home Insurance, I wrote a new business account for Workers’ Compensation, and Commercial General Liability, minus the munitions, for a defense contractor. This account totaling over $600,000 and was a success, not only due to the size of the account, but because of the demands of the insurance buyer. The insurance buyer was an ex-military officer who practiced vigorously his belief in military discipline. He was very demanding, but very happy with how we responded to all his demands and needs. This account was written via Marsh & McLennan, and everyone was very happy with the writing and handling of this account.

If you would like more examples of underwriting success I have had, please let me know. I can forward additional successful examples.

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