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My name is Warren Thompson, Jr. I have over 20 years experience, primarily as a commercial insurance underwriter, working on packaging the commercial insurance programs for companies small, medium and large in revenue, geographical territory, international and domestic, and varied in their operations, from construction to manufacturing to service orientation. Most of my past work experience has been as a commercial insurance underwriter, working on coverage such as Workers’ Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella coverage, and professional liability coverage, such as key man, fiduciary, publisher’s liability, etc.

Currently, I work on a contract retention basis, or consulting basis, for hire to small, medium and large companies helping them review and manage their insurance program. My goal is always to assist my clients in 1) better understanding their current insurance program from a coverage and rating plan standpoint, 2) analyzing their current safety program, and 3) advising on ways to control their insurance cost. I consider it my job to assist you in getting the most coverage for your insurance dollar, and save money in the short, intermediate and long-run. It is our goal to save you more then our consulting fee.

Per your request, we can 1) review your insurance programs, 2) act as your liaison between your company, your insurance broker, and your insurance carriers, and 3) ask the tough, detailed questions to improve your overall insurance program. Our goal is to assist in improving your over insurance program, save you money and improve your overall risk management programs. All fees are negotiated on a per job assignment basis, plus expenses. Please feel free to call for a free initial consultation.

Please see my accompanying Resume Cover Letter, Professional Resume, Professional References, and Success Stories. If you have any questions, or further inquiries, please use the email address below to make contact. Thank you for reviewing my resume.

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